1. Lovely game!


  2. Happy 25th Birthday Web!


    (Source: webat25.org)


  3. Time to code? Then Haxxor to play only on Soundcloud!


  4. wordbitly:

    There is always a set of standard metrics that are universally monitored (Disk Usage, Memory Usage, Load, Pings, etc). Beyond that, there are a lot of lessons that we’ve learned from operating our production systems that have helped shape the breadth of monitoring that we perform at bitly.

    One of…


  5. making-change-org:

    I’m a bit sentimental. Perhaps that’s not the best way to be in an industry where just about everything is etherial and temporary. Over the years I figure that most of what I’ve created has been edited, refactored, deprecated or outright binned when something different or better came along.


    "Having a big ego about that piece of code today is a little silly because, in a functioning engineering organization, it won’t be “your” code for long at all."


  6. Great blog post on relative in Ruby on Rails by Brandon Hilkert.

  7. Watch out! COPS: Skyrim - Season 1: Episode 1

  8. MEME: The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley


  10. There were many different machines with Steam Machines at CES 2014. One was a bit more interesting in addition to the others. The Steam Machine from iBuyPower came with a Rasberry Pi. Delicious, I think!

    Read more about it: Limelight: who needs a Steam Machine when you have a Pi?

  11. New trailer for CBS new Sci-fi serie Extant. Halle Berry stars as an astronaut who returns to Earth after a year of mission in space. Steven Spielberg is one of the series’ executive producers.

    Life always finds a way

    The series will premiere on July 2.

  12. Winter is coming, almost two month late! Doh! (på/i Savecore)